Lakeview Cabin is a location found in the video game Lakeview Cabin

Areas Edit

Lakeview Cabin is one of the smallest areas in the game series, being a series of small cabins overlooking a rather large lake.

Several different areas exist in the map.

House Edit

Lakeview Cabin House

The house is the second right building and is the building that the player starts outside of. Inside the house is a Bed, a Shotgun, a Crate, and a light switch.

The Shotgun in the house is empty and must be brought down either by chopping wood or throwing an item at the Shotgun.

Occasionally, when entering the house at dusk, the player will see a hallucination of a blonde woman beckoning them to the bed.

Kitchen Edit

Lakeview Cabin Kitchen

The kitchen is the rightmost cabin in the map. It has a Stove and a Bucket inside.

The stove can be lit by placing chopped wood inside the stove, and the bucket can be filled with water.

Outside the kitchen there is a Generator that powers the electricity in the cabins.

Outhouse Edit

Lakeview Cabin Outhouse

The outhouse is the leftmost cabin in the map and the smallest room in the map. It consists of a simple Toilet which can be used.

There is a Key hidden above the outhouse which can be retrieved by chopping wood.