This enemy is not human. It is unknown what he is. He makes appearance on lakeview cabin collection in the theater

Appearance Edit

He can be seen with green skin wearing a purple shirt with no pants. He wears a mask and drags a machete around with him. Upon losing is mask he has a ugly looking face and a noticeable long neck. If you shoot him he will completely change appearance and look like a pale alien that walks on its hands and legs

Behavior Edit

If it sees the player while walking around the sewers he will slowly walk towards the player and will attempt to attack the player when the player is near. He will walk around the entire map until he makes contact with the player. Shooting him with the mask on will not anger him. If the player shoots him second time if the killer does not have the mask the mist will surround him and he will be whimpering. If he sees the player he will loop around the entire map until he makes contact with the player. You can kill him once and for all if you shoot him or use a crowbar. Friendly music will play symbolizing that you have killed the monster.

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