The Shotgun is a weapon found in Lakeview Cabin and Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Uses Edit

The Shotgun is the most useful ranged weapon. However, to operate it, the Shotgun must be filled with Shotgun Shells.

The Shotgun usually has enough power to kill any humanoid characters, including survivors. It also has enough power to knock back humanoid killers, such as the Wife.

Appearances Edit

Shotgun 1

The Shotgun looks like a regular hunting shotgun. It is found in various places in the maps. Oftentimes, the shotgun itself is easy to obtain, however, it will be empty, and will require shotgun shells to operate. The shells will most likely be hidden in the maps somewhere.

Pros and Cons Edit



no reloading

automatic pick up when running past ammo

slows down enemy's


Not enough ammo

dropped when damaged

can only shoot in straight line

Trivia Edit

  • A Survivor in the Theater starts with an empty shotgun