Survivors are the main playable characters of the Lakeview Cabin games.

Each survivor has similar abilities to each other, and the differences are only cosmetic.

In order to complete a map in the game, the survivor must defeat the killer. Only one survivor needs to survive until the end of the game.

Damage Edit


Survivors are capable of taking an amount of damage. The damage system was fairly simple in the original Lakeview Cabin game.

Damage has been improved in Lakeview Cabin Collection. Survivors are capable of taking minor injuries, such as breaking a leg. Survivors will usually die after suffering too many major injuries.

As characters take damage, they will be reflected in their condition. Blood trails will be left, and broken legs can cause survivors to walk slower than usual.

Uses Edit

Aside from being required to win the game, in Lakeview Cabin Collection, the player is able to switch between 4 survivors in each map.

Survivors can be picked up and thrown, and even used to attack. Thrown survivors can be used to cross impossible distances, however, they run the risk of breaking a leg if thrown quite far.

In death, a survivor's body can be chopped up in order to pick up their head, which can be used to damage or stun killers. A survivor's body is also able to be used for this purpose.

Survivors can also function as bait, as killers will usually go for the nearest survivor. A skilled trap can therefore lead the killer to a survivor in the open while the others ambush them from elsewhere.

List of Survivors Edit

Lakeview Cabin (Original) Edit

The Husband

The Theater Edit


Lakeview Cabin III Edit

Camp Counselors

Lakeview Cabin IV Edit

The Band

Lakeview Cabin V Edit

The Teenagers

Lakeview Cabin VI Edit

Space Crew