The Family is a family of Texas Chain Saw Massacre inspired cannibals who own a slaughter house that they use to butcher their victims.

Type of rooms Edit

TV room: this room has only one enemy. It also has a tripwire.

BDSM room: has 2 enemys and one trap. There is also a secret room that requires two people

statue room: It has one enemy (the one at the end) This is the easiest enemy.

The bathroom: Has two females in the tub and toliet with a dead corpse

Granny room: Its the easiest room and enemy in the entire game.

The Family Edit

The Family Consists of these People

Deloris. The woman in the Kitchen

Beth and Cindy. Two naked women in the bathroom

Abraham. An old man who pretends to be a statue

Ricky. A bald man in the basement.

Albert. A butler like man in a room with a bear.

??? and Philip. Two BDSM guys.

Scars and Tom. Two guys at the dinner table

Walter and Jessie. In the shower. A Reference to breaking bad.

Joseph. A man watching TV.

Granny Dana. In the granny room.