The Husband

The Husband is a Survivor of the original Lakeview Cabin game. He is the owner of the Lakeview Cabin and the sole playable character of the first game.

Appearance Edit

The Husband is a red haired middle-aged man, with purple checkered clothes and light blue jeans. When standing, he always looks to be confident.

Lakeview Cabin Edit

The Husband is the owner of the cabin retreat of the original game and is also the first playable character of the series.

At the start of the game, he arrives at the cabin in an unspecified time. What he is doing in the cabin is unknown, as the player is free to do whatever they wish in the cabin.

The Husband is an avid hunter, as he has a Shotgun hung on the wall of his cabin home. He also has a wife, who is shown in a picture hanging on the wall of his cabin home.

At some unknown time in the past, his wife died, and he began to experience hallucinations in the cabin retreat. After a few days, he begins to be haunted by the ghost of his wife and their unborn child.