The Siren is the final murderer in Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Appearance Edit


She appears as a female with blonde hair, a white dress, and what looks like a bloated stomach as if she is pregnant. She has the same appearance as the wife in lakeview cabin 1. Upon going near her she will completely change. She will have green skin (as if something has been rotting) thin body until seeing skeleton and black hair with red eyes.

Behavior Edit

After killing the two murderers in a couple of seconds a female can be heard singing. When seeing her she will glow a light blue (in night) singing and raising her arm in the air. But if you go near her she will change into a zombie like appearance. She will make a very loud screech and will run at inescapable speed. She will constantly run loop around the map unless she makes contact with a survivor that the player is controlling. Nothing can stop her from this endless cycle. If there is a survivor that the player isn't controlling come into contact with her she will kill them instantly and only the body of that survivor will remain. If the controlled survivor touches her a sound of tearing can be heard and the screen will instantly go black ending the game. The only way to stop her from transforming is that you either hit her from the back with a melee weapon, shot her with a loaded shotgun or set her on fire. She will then start crawling back into the lake. You can either finish her off with a melee weapon or let her crawl into the lake this will give you the good ending either way.