The Wife

The Wife is a killer featured in the original Lakeview Cabin.

Appearance Edit

The Wife has two different appearances in the game. She is seen as a normal blonde woman with a white gown throughout several hallucinations in the game.

As a Hallucination Edit

Lakeview Cabin Hallucination

In hallucinations, she appears as a ghostly form, often beckoning the player to come towards her.

She appears in this form when players visit the house and the eastern pie for the first time at dusk. She will quickly disappear after the player sees her.

As a Killer Edit

As a killer, the Wife appears in a more zombie-like state. Her hair is a mess, her skin color is pale and full of blood. Her white gown is torn and she also has a bloated belly, signifying her pregnancy.

Lakeview Cabin Edit

In the original game, she is the main killer and the first of two that the player will face. Sometime before the game begins, she had died with an unborn child. Her body was drowned in the lake.


Bubbles at the beginning of the game signify her waiting area before she makes an appearance in the game.

Behavior Edit

The Wife does not appear until the second night. Although she can be summoned by pressing the "O" key. Players will encounter her jumping over the pier, and she will relentlessly pursue the player in whatever spot they are in at the moment.

The Wife's movements are slow, and are easy to outrun. She moves by hopping and extending her arm forwards. Even when damaged, the player can still outrun her.

The Wife is impervious to melee attacks when she is standing, and she will win any struggle against the player when confronted this way.


It takes two hits from the Wife for the player to be killed, where they will be dragged by her back to the lake.

The Wife is damageable. She can be hurt by throwing some objects, and will fall down if shot using a Shotgun or set on fire.

She is killable when she is downed, but will get back up if not disposed quickly.

It's important to note that The Child spawns from the corpse of The Wife. Players who don't sufficiently prepare for a second killer may be overwhelmed, as it's faster and smaller than the Wife.

Strategy Edit

Defeating the Wife only takes around one minute for any prepared player.

The Wife moves extremely slowly, and is easy enough to evade. However, she does prevent certain tactics once she's blocked access to certain parts of the map, so preparation must be important.

It's important not to get trapped in a cabin with the Wife, as this is usually certain death.

The most direct method is to use the Shotgun. Bringing a log and chopping wood in the Outhouse should give you access to a key to the locked cabin. There you will find some Shotgun Shells. Preparing the Axe could also be useful, as it's important to note that the Wife is only killable when downed.

The Wife can also be killed by cutting the power generator's cables with an axe, then spraying the Wife with a bucket of water as she passes through it, electrocuting her.